Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Very British Civil War

I cannot wait till this Monday Night at the my Wargames club when a few of us will be playing our biggest VBCW game ever. My Edward supporting Royal Mail Militia will be (hopefully) teaming up with Keith and Jez's BUF (British Union of Fascists) and taking on all comers - like Mike's and Chris's Socialist forces complete with a new top secret weapon(its all hush hush apparently) and Andy's Anglican League... as well as others, also rumoured to appear on the battlefield are some Welsh riff raff (Snowdon hillmen possibly) and even a party of ladies from the WI (armed to the teeth with rifles, umbrella's and cucumber sandwiches) tho i havent got a clue which side they will join.... Might be time to unleash the power of the Royal Mail Airplane.

Should be a fun filled evening. Will take plenty of piccys and post them after Monday.  

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