Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

VCBW - The Battle of Haughmond Abbey (part 2)

The battle continues -

With all factions contining to try and gain the advantage The WI ladies and Farmers Daughters Brigade arrive from Shrewsbury behind the Socialist lines and despite many offers of alliance from the socialists they soon pledge alliegance to the Anglican cause and with an 18 pdr artillery piece and a commandeered ships cannon they quickly disable the socialists Pulitov armoured car.
 The Anglican League, surprised to have reinforcements decide to advance through the woods and take the BUF defensive line head on but faced with two HMG's, an 18 pdr and infantry lined up behind a stone wall, they are soon pushed back with heavy losses.
seeing a chance to inflict more losses on the Anglicans, some brave BUF infantry decide to charge the damaged Bren Carrier but all they succeeded to do was force it backwards.
Some Socialist forces take the village of Uffington but are soon faced with an attack from the ladies of the WI, who surprisingly get the advantage and re-capture the The Corbet Arms pub, cutting off the socialists from the beer barrels

With most of the GPO milita threatened by the flamethrower tankette behind them they take refuge in and around the abbey waiting for the Socialist attack
But the expected attack is held up by one section of GPO Posties who finding themselves cut off in a farm house decide to fight to the death but with one group of Socialists pinned down and their WW1 tank bogged down, it falls upon the Russian sailors to try and force the GPO out of the farm. Fierce fighting follows but the GPO still hold on.
And so ends part 2, this is becoming at great battle and everyone involved including some who have never played VCBW before are having such a good time that we must continue this next club night.

To be continued.....

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