Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

VBCW - The Battle of Haughmond Abbey (part 3)

Well here is the final installment of this battle.

The battle of the farmhouse, where my brave posties had decided to fight to the death did not last as long as i had hoped... faced with overwhelming numbers (poetic license) they died quickly, after the socialists formed what looked like a firing squad next to the smoking remains of the postie transport and unleashed a devestating hail of bullets on the farmhouse.
The Anglicans badly beaten at the woods by the BUF, attempt to change tactics and try and link up with the WI in Uffington and but have to fight their way through and small group of Socialists, with some nuns spearheading the attack.
But the BUF now safe from the Anglican League take the woods and also send some troops to try and help whats left of the GPO posties, bringing up their Panzer 1 to face down the Socialist Flame throwing tankette.
The BUF soon shoot down a sudden charge by Socialist infantry as whats left of the posties advance towards Haughmond Hill in a desperate attempt to avoid the Socialists by claiming they were seeing off the Anglicans (again poetic license)
With huge losses on all sides, the ladies of the WI decide to head back to their artillery section for cream tea and buns, feeling protected by the Ships cannon that they brought along with them.
but slowly the fighting died down, with no faction having alot left to strike the final blow, it ends in a stalemate tho with the BUF causing the most casulties will probably try and claim a moral victory.

Probably not the end that those of you who have followed this would have wanted but with all players who took part complete duffers and not sure of rules then this was the likely outcome. But everyone who took part really enjoyed, so much so that they want to restart the battle next week and try and see if they have learned anything and i believe thats more important than getting a winner. (i would have said different if the posties were victorious - again poetic license)

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