Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My VBCW Collection

This is my army for VBCW wargames,  Royalists fighting for King Edward VIII with some Fascists thrown in. The main bulk of the force are GPO Militia (Posties) with volunteers from America who have joined to fight for the (cough) American Queen Wallis Simpson.

1: The Post Master General and Scout/ Outrider

2: GPO Militia - "A" Company

3: GPO Militia - "B" Company

4: GPO Militia - "C" Company

5: Volunteer Company - Western Union Telegraph Service (American)

6: GPO Militia - HMG Section

7: GPO Militia - Mortar Section

8: GPO Militia - Anti-Tank Team

9: GPO Militia - Vehicles (Armor plated truck and a Flat bed truck fitted with Congreve Rockets)

10: The Corpo Truppe Voluntarie (Italian Fascists, a gift to the BUF from Mussolini)

11: And King Edward VIII and his lady Wallis Simpson

Thats my forces so far but still looking to bolster them with cavalry, possible trench catapults and maybe some regular troops, who knows.... the possibities are endless!!

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  1. What a wonderfully well thought out collection, so very VBCW!