Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Dismounted Noble Warriors giving it to the French

Friday, 11 May 2012

Run Away!!!

Here are some pictures i just found on my phone of a game played a few weeks ago. Re-creating the Napoleons retreat from Russia. It was a very interesting game that we had never tried before, Infantry only versus Cavalry only battle using Principles of War rules.

The Scenerio we played was French Infantry columns marching down a road, trying desperately to reach a small town whilst being harrassed by Cossacks.

1: The advance Columns see the Cossack threat and send word back down the line. The French start to manouvere to protect themselves as best they can

2: The Cossack hordes and Russian Guard lancers encircle the french infantry looking for weaknesses

3: With the road ahead blocked by Russian cavalry and cavalry on all sides the French start to form squares, the advance column forming a huge brigade square

4: My friend, possibly the most reckless, relentless, attack minded player in our group shows how pleased he is with his first ever brigade square.

5: With the rear columns of French destroyed or running in all directions the Russians surround the huge square and the end looks near for Napoleons forces.

6: But unfortunately the square is a tough nut to crack and after several failed attempts to break it, the Cossacks decide they have done enough for the day and leave the field in search of Vodka.

This was an interesting game to be involved in and also one that needed several pauses so we could look up at rules. but as a Cossack for the day, i would have to say that we won, though the French commanders would possibly disagree.

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